Month: September 2021

Docsify + C# – Code Docs Made Easy… Finally!

Introduction I have been a software developer for 20 years, and have been coding professionally for over 10 years now.. in all that time, one area that I have always struggled with is documentation. I mean, really.. how many of us developers are able to stand writing documentation, let alone “enjoy” doing so? I do know one guy at work who enjoys it, but it would seem that he is the exception that proves the rule. Anyways.. if you are like me and you hate writing separate documentation, then read on! I have tried quite a few code documentation tools

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Converted to WordPress

So, I’ve tried off and on over the years to actually keep a blog and I have always failed. My theory here is that, maybe if I use WordPress, which has a fancy WYSIWYG editor and is mobile friendly, etc, that I will actually stick with this. Here’s to hoping… I do have one bit that I want to write up about a quirk I stumbled across in .NET 5. Look for that to be posted in the next couple days. I was thankful that I was able to easily copy my few existing articles over from my previous wiki

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