12v Power

I am a big fan of 12vdc power. I know, it probably seems like a weird thing to be a fan of, and frankly, it is.. but it’s proven to be incredibly useful nonetheless. I will list some of the reasons I am such a fan of 12vdc power.


  • 12v DC is a universal power. 12v is the same in the states as it is in Japan, England, Australia, or anywhere else you are. With 12v, you don’t have to worry about the line frequency, whether the power is single or split phase, etc.
  • 12v is readily available. See my full list of 12v power sources. A couple quick examples: automotive power outlet, solar, AC/DC power supply, etc.
  • 12v is fairly “safe”. At such a low voltage potential, it isn’t easy to be shocked by it. Now, I’m not suggesting anyone grab the terminals of a car battery, but frankly, unless your hands are wet, it likely wouldn’t do anything anyways.
  • Can easily be charged from solar power
  • Many pre-made devices exist designed for 12v automotive use and can be used from any other, non-automotive power source. See full list of direct powered 12v devices
  • Great for emergency power for lighting, comfort, or communication.
  • Lead acid batteries are available everywhere for decent prices.
  • SLA batteries can last for many years if properly cared for, and so not leak acid.
  • Certain lithium batteries can be used in place of lead batteries for higher power densities and lower weight then lead acid