12v Power Sources

The list below is all of the various power sources that I currently use for 12v power from time to time. This list is mainly to give you an idea of the many sources of 12v and why I like using it so much.

  • Field Batteries [1]these are SLA batteries. I call them field batteries because they make a great power source when you are out in the middle of a field with no other power source nearby
    • Small 12v SLA Batteries – like those found in small battery backup units (8AH)
    • Medium 12v SLA batteries – like those used in little electric cars kids ride around in (12AH x2)
    • Large 12v SLA “wheelchair” batteries (35AH, 55AH)
  • Automobile (car, truck, van, RV, etc)
  • Solar
    • 100w Panel with 30amp max PWM charger and any battery for storage
    • 600w system I have on my house. The battery bank is 24v with 4x Trojan batteries and I use a 40 amp DC/DC power supply to convert down to 13.8v
  • Linear 13.6V 10A continuous power supply
  • 13.8v 30A continuous switching power supply
  • 1-35v adjustable 5A lab power supply (great for reviving “dead” batteries)
  • Various 12v AC/DC “wall warts” when necessary