Docsify + C# – Code Docs Made Easy… Finally!

Introduction I have been a software developer for 20 years, and have been coding professionally for over 10 years now.. in all that time, one area that I have always struggled with is documentation. I mean, really.. how many of us developers are able to stand writing documentation, let alone “enjoy” doing so? I do know one guy at work who enjoys it, but it would seem that he is the exception that proves the rule. Anyways.. if you are like me and you hate writing separate documentation, then read on! I have tried quite a few code documentation tools

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Converted to WordPress

So, I’ve tried off and on over the years to actually keep a blog and I have always failed. My theory here is that, maybe if I use WordPress, which has a fancy WYSIWYG editor and is mobile friendly, etc, that I will actually stick with this. Here’s to hoping… I do have one bit that I want to write up about a quirk I stumbled across in .NET 5. Look for that to be posted in the next couple days. I was thankful that I was able to easily copy my few existing articles over from my previous wiki

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12v Device: La Crosse AA/AAA Charger

La Crosse BC-700CBP AA/AAA Charger This charger is awesome because it has an automated battery refresh function that can bring a completely useless NiCd or NiMH back to full working service. This charger can charge or refresh 4 cells at a time, can measure capacity, and generally works great. Now, the down side.. It requires a 3v DC power source, so in order to run this from 12v, you must use a DC/DC buck converter. I made one for this charger and it works great from 12v.

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12v Device: Sanyo USB AA/AAA charger

Portable Sanyo NC-MDU01 USB AA/AAA charger This little charger is about as basic as they come while still being a smart charger. It came in a bundle deal with 2 batteries and I picked it up around 2010. Still works great and I keep it in my backpack at all times for charging in a pinch. Only downside.. Can’t charge AA and AAA at the same time, can only do one or three other type of battery. Thankfully, I’ve never needed to do that, so no complaints here.

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12v Device: Efest LUC v4 Charger

Efest LUC v4 (4 bay, 18650 and similar charger) This was given to me used by a friend. This charger, unlike the IntelliCharger i4 PRO, can only charge lithium cells. It was designed to run from either AC or 12v automotive DC power source. This charger is nice because you can set the charger current to 500ma, 1A or 2A. This one stays at home all the time.

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12v Device: Opus 9v charger

Opus BT-C96 (4 bay, 9v NiMH charger) The Opus BT-C96 is a 4 bay charger for 7.2, 8.4 and 9.6v batteries, typically just called “9v” batteries. This charger came with a regulated 15v wall wart but I have had no issues running it directly from 11-14.4 volts. I don’t even know where the original brick is. This charger can also refresh cells that are not holding a charge properly.

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12v Device: Hitec X1 Pro Multi-chemistry Charger

Hitec X1 Pro Multi-chemistry Charger I stumbled across a DC powered, multi-chemistry charger that has become absolutely indispensable to me. I use it to charge many types of batteries and battery packs that I have around the house. The charger is the X1 Pro multi charger made by Hitec RC. Unfortunately, they no longer make this particular charge but, from what I’ve seen, they have some with the same capabilities to replace it. The Power Peak D7 looks like a great replacement should my X1 ever die. The X1 power source is 11-18v DC and therefore perfectly suited for being

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12v Device: JETBeam IntelliCharger i4 PRO (4 bay, 18650/AA/AAA charger)

I have the 3rd generation of this charger and I’ve had this charger since about 2013. It was inexpensive but still works well and is awesome because of the multi-chemistry support. It came with a cigarette lighter adapter for direct DC input which means it was designed with typical automotive voltages in mind. It can also be powered directly from 100-240vac. I take this charger on every trip with me for charging on the road and once I’ve reached my destination. This charger is capable of charging the following types of batteries: 18650 and similar size lithium ion cells AA/AAA/C

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Very Useful Utility: Plop Boot Manager

A couple years back I stumbled across a very handy utility written by Elmar Hanlhofer called Plop Boot Manager. As the name suggests, it is actually a very small boot loader that is packed with uncommon features. Just a couple key features: [1]This partial list of features was taken from the Plop home page, to see all features, please check out the home page USB boot without BIOS support (UHCI, OHCI and EHCI) Start of the boot manager from harddisk, floppy, USB, CD, DVD Starting from Windows boot menu Starting from LILO, GRUB, Syslinux, Isolinux, Pxelinux (network) It can be

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